Beyond Blessed

Psalm 127:3 – “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.”

When we allow life to underwhelm us, God can overwhelm us. More accurately, we become more aware of God’s presence in our life when life’s persistent failure to meet our expectation does not dominate our thoughts. The (hidden) presence of God is revealed, but only when we cancel out the noise of life so that we can hear the voice of  God speaking to us.

IMG_4576My life has more noise these days.
My wife gave birth to our sons, Gaines and Patterson, this past Friday.I shared the news with friends in an announcement shortly after their brith. I began the announcement, “Beyond blessed…” I found myself lingering over the words “Beyond blessed” throughout the morning. “Beyond blessed” adequately expressed what I believed and what I felt. What we want to believe and how we actually feel are not often the same. Friday morning – as I considered the exceptionality of my firstborn and the beauty of our twin’s births – my thoughts and my emotions were aligned. Life had underwhelmed me, allowing the (hidden) presence of God to overwhelm me. The revelation of God’s voice spoke of a reward beyond blessed.

My wife and I found out early in her pregnancy that she would be expecting twins. People often ask us, “What did you do when they said you were pregnant with twins?” My wife can answer for herself. As for me…I was shocked. My sister has twins so I assumed the probability of siblings having multiples was pretty slim. I was wrong…

My mouth dropped as my eyebrows furled. I was not surprised and excited; rather, I was stunned and confused. My reaction quickly evolved into a deluge of joy. One must be careful with joy, because it can often be mistaken as fear. I closed my eyes just as the first tears began to form. And, a still, small voice filled my head and my heart: “I will make you prosper.” I grabbed my wife’s hand and I offered her an assuring smile.

Sure, things are different. Our new normal has not been established. I might be typing this note with one hand as I rock one son with the other, while watching his brother lying beside me, between trips to their brother’s room (whose sleep is being disturbed by a sinus infection). It would seem reasonable for me to feel overwhelmed by life, but I am content to trust the voice that speaks to me in the midst of the whelming – the voice that whispers, “I will make you prosper” and the voice that assures me I am beyond blessed.

When has your joy felt more like fear? Where do you need to let life underwhelm you so that God can overwhelm you? Or, why are you beyond blessed? I would love to hear, so please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at (subject: Beyond Blessed)

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