img_5398We’ve all been there! The moment you realize you’ve made an obvious mistake. You are aware making an excuse will only make you look worse, so you just eat it…

I’ve been working on my page for the last couple of months! My intent for sustaining my page is two-fold:

1) I need to write! Writing has always been a means of making sense of the world around me. Writing helps me discover the details. Writing helps me determine the significant from the sludge. It’s a prioritization exercise as much as it a means of meditation. I used to write a lot, but then things got a little hectic – graduate school, first job, the ordination process, my first church, marriage, starting a family, etc. So, yeah, things got busy and the writing fell to the side. I discovered, though, the more my life filled with the blessings of God, it became all too easy to miss the extraordinary in (what felt) ordinary. I needed to start writing, again, to appreciate the little things and to give thanks for them, as well.

2) I wanted to secure relationships! I did not know I would be able to have “followers” when I started this little venture…But, hey, that’s cool. I’m glad to meet you all! (I think the 18 of you are pretty awesome!) No, I wanted to be able to strengthen and secure the relationships I have built over my life and in my ministry. As a UMC pastor, I will move several times over the next 35 years. It’s just the way we do things… Along the way, i’ve met some wonderful people. I wanted to have a place where I could continue to interact with them…So, I thought I would build a page where I could share my work and my life with those whom I have come to know.

My goal has been simple. I would attempt to make two post a week. One post would be my message from the previous Sunday. After all, I put a lot of time and prayerful attention into preparing messages. So, I thought it would be of benefit to share those messages. The second post would be a piece of writing – a prayerful reflection upon my life or life around me. If I got happy one week and put forth a second post…then great…but no pressure. If a new project emerged, that would be fine, as well.

So, umm….oops, I made a mistake. I was looking back over my posts and I realized I have not been properly linking my messages. I actually linked all my messages to the same message. All of this is new to me…so, no need to make an excuse, I just got it wrong! And, I’m thinking it is okay to be wrong some times.

Anyhow, I think I have fixed the problem and I now have the my “message” posts linked to the appropriate podcast!

You can check out the different messages here.

Thanks for your support and your understanding!


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