Be with my words

Friends, I would like to share this post by my friend and colleague, Jenn Williams. She is the pastor of Ashely Ridge Church and writes the blog Better Together at Her most recent post, “Be with my Words,” is right in line with my current series, Words of Grace, which you can find on my site, I hope you enjoy and I hope you will take a moment to check out some of Jenn’s other posts!

Better Together

My husband and I, both being of the somewhat chatty variety, managed to give birth to two very verbal kids. Go figure. Most of the time, this makes for great entertainment. Clark and I muffle our laughter during prayer time as our kids pray for everything under the sun and we watch the surprised faces of friends and family when our kids says they’re “so exasperated” after losing a game of Go Fish. (This is preferable to the time our 4-year old was playing Uno with his grandmother and said “dammit” when she played a Draw 4 card. #winning)

You see, the other side of the loquacious coin is when our kids wield their words as a weapon. On more than one occasion, I have felt verbally eviscerated by my 7-year old only to have the reality check that he learned it somewhere…probably somewhere as close as home…well, let’s be real…

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Words of Grace, Part Four

fontcandyOur words are powerfully influential. The words we speak to our children are especially influential. Our children hear the words we speak – to them, to our spouses, and to others. Let’s be very selective with our words. Let’s speak words of grace to our children – words that will bless them and bring them up in the Lord. Continue reading

Words of Grace, Part Three

fontcandyHow we speak to our spouses matters! We should speak lovingly and respectfully to our spouses so that we may convey the grace of God. In this message, we explore a controversial section of Scripture to determine the influence of the words we speak to our spouses.* Have a listen to Words of Grace, Part Three. Continue reading

(NOT) Ready for More

fontcandy-1-1Maybe, you are not ready for more.

Maybe, the answer to your many prayers and petitions is simply that you are not ready for God to bless you with more

And, maybe, the reason you are not ready for more is because you have not learned to appreciate what God has already entrusted to you. Continue reading


fontcandy-2My denomination has an annual conference. I spent the last few days conferencing with others from my area of our connection…We gathered to worship, to pray, and to do the business related to our organization.

Whoop! Whoop!

Not so much.

More like… Whomp… Whomp… Continue reading

Words of Grace, Part One

fontcandyWords are powerful influencers. Words can be useful for building others up; or, words can be useful for breaking others down. The real power of words is their ability to express the purity of the heart. For this reason, our words can be useful for revealing the grace of God! Continue reading

Hurts Like Hail

fontcandy“Words can hurt like hail – pint sized punches that collectively break us down and bruise the heart.”

It was the night of the hail storm. My son and I were playing in the front room. My wife, Ginny, walked into the room. She was holding one of the twins, while an automated swing rocked his brother in the other room. Both boys were fighting sleep. Ginny had a decided look on her face. “Let’s go for a ride in the car.” Continue reading