Words of Grace, Part Two

 All of us speak (or think) words no one will hear. Do these words matter?

In part two of our series, Words of Grace, we consider the influence of these words spoken in secret. We examine the “Sermon on the Mount” (Mt 6:5-15) and discover Jesus teaches us to place our attention upon God and to pray with purpose. And, we ask how our prayer life functions as the foundation of our speech?
Take a moment to listen to Words of Grace, Part Two and consider how the words we speak in private might influence the words we speak in public!
Be sure to check out the message in the series, where we discuss the powerful influence of our words. Listen to Part One. 

6 thoughts on “Words of Grace, Part Two

      • I like the part about how the camera on the cell phone changed things and also how when we look at our mothers, not to only see what they do and what they do for us, but who they are and how they are made. Powerful message.


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