250 Words

fontcandyDo you ever feel the need to write, but cannot find the time? Even better, do you feel like you have something interesting to share, but you do not have the necessary time to write?

I have about seven drafts in my queue, which deal with (what I believe) to be very interesting topics. I have a perspective and I would like to share it. But, time…

The last couple of weeks have been especially busy. I have not had the opportunity to sit down and write. Any chance to write has been rushed. I’m eager to produce content, but there has not been time to fully reflect upon the words I hope to write. If you have read the tagline to my page, you know I like to write as a means of reflecting upon the presence of God in my life and life around me. Without devoting myself to reflection, I’m not really meeting the aim of my project…right?

In the midst of it all, there has been an intense need to write. A deeply personal need to write. The need to get totally lost in the words of my head and my heart. But, time…

So, I write these words, with a point unclear, because there is a need to write.

Consider them my prayer.

Consider these words my humble attempt to slow down time so I might discover, once more, the presence of God in the midst of my life and the life around me.

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