Parenthood, Part One – There is a Greater Purpose, Still.

Parenthood, Part One - SlideThe first message in our new series, Parenthood: Raising our Children by Raising our Faith has been posted.

Parenthood is a privilege (and a blessing). Parenthood provides parents the privilege of participating in the life of a child. Parents participate by assuming responsibility for the care, nurture, and development of the child – for this reason, there is purpose to parenthood.

There is a greater purpose, still. From a Christian perspective, there is a greater purpose to parenthood reaching beyond the care, nurture, and development of a child. Our first message considers this greater purpose by reviewing the healing of Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5:21-43). Jairus, who is the leader of a local synagogue, goes to Jesus when his daughter falls ill. After pleading with Jesus, Jairus takes Jesus to his daughter. Two important incidents occur while they are walking to Jairus’ home. First, a woman is healed of a her 12 year-long illness after she touches the fringe of Jesus’ outer garnet. And, later, a group of people from Jairus’ home intercept the men to inform Jairus that his 12 year-old daughter has passed away in his absence. These two incidents reveal the influential power of one’s faith in Jesus: The woman’s faith has made her well (Mark 5:34); and, similarly, the faith of Jairus will influence the wellness of his daughter! (Mark 5:36)

What is the greater purpose, then?

Jairus takes his daughter to Jesus by bringing Jesus to his daughter! When his daughter falls ill, Jairus goes to Jesus so that he can bring Jesus to his daughter. Consequentially, Jesus comes to the bedside of this sick child. He takes her by the hand. He commands for to get up!

Jesus awakens the little girl from her sleep to a newness of life.

Jesus raises the little girl from her bed to a newness of life.

Jesus empowers the little girl to walk about her room in a newness of life.

The purpose of parenthood may be to lead a child through life, but the greater purpose of parenthood is to lead a child to life. From a Christian perspective, the greater purpose of parenthood is to raise a child to a newness of life in Jesus Christ…realizing the faith of parent influences the spiritual wellness of the child. The participation of the parent is paramount! By bringing Jesus (active faith) to the child, the parent take the child to Jesus!

Our message ultimately challenges parents to consider raising their faith so they can raise   their child to life in Jesus Christ — What priorities need to be established to raise one’s faith so one can raise a child? What disciplines need to be observed to raise one’s faith so one can raise a child?

You can hear the full message here.

Our series will continue for the next few months. Follow the site (by clinking the link at the side) or check back next Monday to learn more about the future messages in the  Parenthood series.


3 thoughts on “Parenthood, Part One – There is a Greater Purpose, Still.

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