Parenthood, Part 4 – Parenting by the grace of God, alone.

Parenthood, part 4 slide This week’s message is the fourth and the final message in the series, Parenthood: Raising our Children by Raising our Faith.

This message introduces us to another parent, who is desperate for Jesus to tend to the needs of his child. The royal official pleads Jesus to return to Capernaum to care for his son, who was ill and on the verge of death.

The response of Jesus is brief: “Go! Your son will live.”

One of the most challenging aspects of “raising our children to life” is stepping away, just as this father  was told to “go,” allowing the power of God in Jesus Christ to work with a child! A parent’s faith is influential, but it is only that: influential. The grace of God, alone, is capable of awakening and restoring a child to a newness of life, a spiritual wellness.

In this last message, we reflect on the previous messages, but also, we are honest about the struggle of raising our children to life: parenting requires the grace of God. And, a parent must be willing to step away so God can do what God has already done!

We conclude, however, by recalling the significance of a parent’s faith. By raising their faith, parents model to their children how to respond to the grace of God. Parents prepare their children by being people of faith.

I do hope this series has been a source of encouragement to someone, somewhere, who is striving to be the most faithful parent they can be!

If you missed any of the previous messages, you can listen to them at the following links:

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Part Four – Parenting by the grace of God, alone.

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