First Leaves of Fall

fontcandyAll the earth worships you, they sing praises to you, sing praises to your name.” — Psalm 66:4

It’s beginning, again. I can feel it; and, I suppose you feel it, too.

The short-lived break of Summer has given way, once more, to the panic-paced frenzy of the Fall. The dog days of Summer are peeled from our grips as the whelming presence of the mundane and the monotonous encircles us. It is time to begin, again.

But, sometimes, the opportunity to begin, again, is exactly what is needed. Sometimes, the chance to begin, again, is the breath of fresh air reminding us that yesterday does not have to define today.

This fresh breath greeted me this morning, as I stepped out of the house. I was expecting the familiar thick, stickiness of the summer’s humidity. The cool and faint dampness I encountered was disorienting. As Solomon and I walked to the front of the house, I found myself exhaling whatever I was holding with each breath. It was almost natural; involuntary. And, it was happening instantly.

I was a little reluctant, at first. There was a natural inclination to resist, but then I noticed the leaves of a nearby tree falling to the ground. A brisk wind was exciting the tree, causing the faded yellow leaves to pull from the branches and begin their descent.

The official start of Fall is a couple of weeks away, but in my yard this morning, I saw the first leaves of Fall. And, they were encouraging! They persuaded me to breathe in the fresh breath of air; they assured me it would be okay to let go of yesterday; and, they reminded me that, sometimes, beginning again is exactly what is needed.

It’s beginning, again. I can feel it; and, I suppose you can feel it, too. But maybe, just maybe, we need to begin again. The fresh breath of air may be what we need, so we can exhale whatever it is we are holding. The dog days of Summer may be over, but the first leaves of Fall have begun their descent. In their place, something new will be born. Today does not have to be the same as yesterday.

So, let’s not be deceived by the panic-paced frenzy of it all! Let’s just exhale, inhale, and delight in the glory of God around us!

8 thoughts on “First Leaves of Fall

  1. Pastor Ross,
    This post made me remember a visit to the Francis Beidler Forest many years ago where the air seemed more pure and crisp. As I was surrounded by all of those trees that release oxygen as a byproduct, my ability to take in air seemed so much easier. It was like breathing for the first time.

    My devotion tris morning mentioned starting anew. “We know how to put our minds to use in service of school or work. May we discover anew how to engage our minds in service of loving God.”

    As you mentioned, when we allow ourselves to stop and take the time to to exhale, inhale, and breathe we are able to take in the beauty of God around us and the beauty of God in those around us as well. May we also take opportunity to renew a loving relationship with God in His service for others.


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