Children’s Bible: David & the Philistine Giant

96135f76-cc1e-4695-ad41-44fc62f8f87cThe epic story of young David’s courageous defeat of the philistine giant, Goliath, is one of the most well-known stories of the Bible. Even if one is unfamiliar with the details of the story, she likely knows its tribute to the “triumphant underdog.”

David’s defeat of Goliath is easily reduced to a digestible teaching point applicable to children and adults, alike. His defeat of Goliath is more than a story of an underdog’s victory…

More is being revealed.

The story of David’s defeat of Goliath is the third of three introductions to young David. When read alongside of the other introductions, and in conjunction with the entire history of the Deuteronomist (who gives an account of Israel’s transition from a tribal society, to a monarchy, and the establish of the Davidic Dynasty) we begin to discover the real being revealed.

Follow the link to hear the message, David & the Philistine Giant, and discover how David’s defeat of the Giant reveals God’s will for the Israelites to know stability, security, and sustainability.


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