Overhearing the Message, Part Three

overhearing-the-messageDo you ever wish you could turn your brain off? Are there moments when you wish you had a “shut down” button for your thoughts?

Obsessive thinking can be misleading, even destructive.

The lesson for this week, Mt. 5:17-20, begins with a puzzling directive: do not think…! 

While it may be enticing to treat these three words as a general rule, Jesus speaks them within a very specific context. Jesus is clarifying his intention before his disciples. Jesus does not want his disciples to think (or, more accurately, to allow themselves to suppose) Jesus has come to abolish the law and the prophets; rather, Jesus has come to fulfill the Law.

This third part of the series, Overhearing the Message, gives consideration to the meaning of Jesus’ words. By giving consideration to the meaning of his words, we discover the life of meaning Jesus intends for his disciples…and for us.

 Jesus does not simply call his followers to a life of blessing, or to a life of value and purpose. Jesus invites you to discover a life of meaning .

If you have a moment, check out this week’s message (especially you overthinkers!). Comments are welcome and sharing is always encouraged!

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