Paper Airplanes Soaring from the Mountain

fontcandyWhat if the mountain standing before you could become the place from which you soar?

I think it could be!

I think, maybe, it is meant to be.

Think about mountains for a moment. They are pretty magnificent. Really…when you think about it.

Mountains are formed when the earth moves!

Literally moves!

The earth shifts; and, what was before is now something completely different. Dirt and rock are forced into one another; they are forced on top of one another. The world experiences a dramatic moment of destruction in order to create monumental stone walls.

Maybe you know what it is like to have a mountain forced into the middle of your life! Maybe you know what it feels like to have the fabric and foundation of your life dismantled by the chaotic birth of an unscalable stone wall now standing before you!

You know what is the opposite of a mountain?

No, not just a canyon…

A paper airplane.

Seriously, think about paper airplanes.

Paper airplanes are formed by intentional folds along specific lines. There is nothing destructive about the making of a paper airplane. No, they are made to be something special, free, unburdened: they are meant to soar through air. 

And, if you know what it means to have a mountain in your life, then you know how awesome it would be to fly. To glide. To float.

One of the best things about paper airplanes is that they have no real destination. You let it go and wait to see where it lands.


Each paper airplane will be whatever it will be. It will go wherever it will go. It will fly as high as it can, and it will glide as far as it can, but the whole time it will float in the comfort of the air beneath its wings.

While a mountain is different from paper airplanes, mountains enable airplanes to be more than anyone would ever expect, or ever anticipate.

Imagine a mountain in your mind.

Go ahead.

Imagine it…

Imagine the scene from the top of the mountain.

Wow, what an incredible view!

Imagine launching an airplane from the top of this mountain.

Can you see it fly to the clouds?

Can you see it glide over the earth?

Can you see it float towards the horizon?

Can you see it go further than anyone would have ever expected?

The mountains placed in our life are certainly not easy to scale. They are pretty intimidating. Scary, really. But, they offer us a pretty amazing place from which to soar.

Maybe, just maybe, we are supposed to be like paper airplanes soaring from the mountain.

Just wanted to have a little fun at the end of my long day. The idea came from the following music video:

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