Skipping Stones Turns One!!!

year-one-2The other day I looked to see when I published my first post on this blog, Skipping Stones.

I was excited to realize my first post was published on March 1, 2016.

The first post was entitled Overwhelmed by God (which I have since retitled Covered: The Overwhelming Presence of God). The subject of my first post does not surprise me. I had been working on the particular scripture I referenced in the post; but also, my wife and I were feeling a little overwhelmed by God as we awaited the arrival of our double blessing.

My purpose for starting the blog was fairly simple: I wanted to provide a place to remain in contact with family, friends, and parishioners (past and present).

There was a deeper reason for starting the blog, though.

I needed an outlet; a place to escape; a place to reflect.

Writing has always been a valued tool of self-expression. I have turned to writing at many points in my life to dig deeper into my thoughts and my feelings. Writing is a form of self-exploration…for me.

My initial goal was to post twice a week. One of the posts would be a few words to accompany a link to the audio of my message from the previous Sunday. The other post would be a prayerful reflection where I had encountered God in my life or the life around me. Most often, these posts were expressions of my contemplations upon Scripture and the intersection of this Scripture with my life.

For the most part, I have been able to keep up with my goal of posting messages and reflections. There was a time in the Fall when things got a little hectic. I was not very disciplined.


I’ve made it a year…

And, that is exciting!

Finally, I did not expect to encounter such a wonderful community on WordPress. I have met some exceptional writers, caring and supportive individuals, and all around good people! Thank you so much!

Being this is my 1 year blog-a-versary, I would like to encourage followers of Skipping Stones to place a link to your site in the comment section! You have been such an encouragement to me. You’ve supported my writing and challenged me to continue to show up and write, even when things have been busy.

Even if you are visiting Skipping Stones for the first time, go ahead and link to your site in the comments! I would like to celebrate this past year by celebrating your writing! Just say a word or two about the purpose of your blog…

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