On the Road to the Cross – Anointing

9781501822643“That could have been two sermons,” my wife told me as I walked out of the sanctuary.

So…here is part one (or, maybe, parts one and two) of our Lenten series, On the Road to the Cross.

The series considers Jesus’ approach to the cross from the perspective of the minor characters along the way. The first message remembers the woman’s anointing of Jesus with an expensive ointment.

Did she realize the significance of her spontaneous act of devotion? Have you ever wondered about the relevance of her gift?

Check out part one of the series to learn more about the anointing of Jesus and his acceptance of the responsibility of the “anointed one.”

Note – This sermon series is influenced by Rob Burkhart’s recent publication, On the Road to the Cross: Experience Easter with Those who were ThereThe book is a great read during the Season of Lent. I fully recommend you add this book to your library!!

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