On the Road to the Cross – The High Priest’s Servant

9781501822643The disciple of Jesus is called to bear the cross of Christ. Rather than bear his cross, the disciple of Jesus carries a hidden sword.

What about you?

Are you carrying a hidden sword when you should be bearing the cross?

Are you prepared for a fight?

Are you ready to retaliate?

Does your posture of defense lead you to react rather than respond with grace, truth, mercy, and love?

The second message in the seriesOn the Road to the Cross, considers the arrest of Jesus from the perspective of the high priest’s servant, who has his ear cut off by the sword of the disciples. (What’s the disciple doing with a sword, anyways?…). 

The reactive retaliation of the disciple encourages all us of to consider how we might be carrying a hidden sword when we are called to bear the cross of Christ.

If you have a moment, check out the message…and, also, hear the bizarre story of what happened the last time I went to Pizza Hut!!!

Note – This sermon series is influenced by Rob Burkhart’s recent publication, On the Road to the Cross: Experience Easter with Those who were ThereThe book is a great read during the Season of Lent. I fully recommend you add this book to your library!!

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