Influencing Moses, Part Two

Slide2Part Two of the series, Influencing Moses, extends our conversation on the women who influenced the earliest part of Moses life.

Part One of the series introduces Shiphrah and Puah and the influence they would offer because they’re grounded in a healthy fear of God.

The second message in the series looks to the powerful influence of the mother of Moses and the daughter of Pharaoh. These two women would have an influence upon Moses far beyond what we learn in the second chapter of Exodus, but we do learn the source of the influence.

These two women act and react in response to a conviction of the heart. The mother of Moses look upon her new born son and “she saw that he was good.” I would never suppose to understand the emotional response a woman experiences at the birth of their child, but I trust it is a beautiful thing. And, the emotional response of this mother influences her actions after the birth of her son.

I must add, though, the similarity of her reaction to the birth of her son to the response of the Creator throughout the process of creation, where God “saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1). The mother of Moses doesn’t only look upon her newborn son and see that he was good; rather, she realizes the beauty of His creation, the intentionality of her son’s birth, and the purpose to his life. She acts, therefore, as an ally to life by hiding him for three months before setting a plan in place to secure his survival.

The daughter of the pharaoh – the Princess – will also play an influential role in the life of Moses. She opens the basket floating in the reeds upon the Nile river and discovers a three month old baby boy crying and “she takes pity upon him.” She will choose to allow this boy to live (and will receive him as her own son), but her decision is a reaction to the conviction of her heart.

While Shiphrah and Puah exemplify the necessity of being grounded in a healthy fear of God, the mother of Moses and the Princess exemplify the need to respond to the conviction of our hearts – after all, the Spirit of God has a tendency to work in and through our heart. The conviction we feel is more often than not God’s Spirit leading and directing us to serve God’s will.

Follow this link to hear the full message, Influencing Moses, Part Two. 

And, leave a comment below, because I would enjoy hearing stories about some of the women who have influenced you!

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