Some Friday Fun

I was able to get a few hours in the shop today, which was nice after a busy week! I worked on two projects today: a laminated cutting board and a bowl.

I picked up a piece of walnut several weeks ago from Berlin G. Myers Lumber. One end of the board had something wild and narly going on! I’m not sure if it was a branch or if it was a burl, but I though it would turn out something special! I was super-pleased with the result. I’ve played with the lighting on the pictures a little to emphasize the swirls and waves in the grain…This cutting board may my favorite pieces I’ve turned so far.


I, also, worked on a bowl turned from Bradford Pear. I came across a tree removal service about a month ago that was cutting out a the tree. They were kind enough to let me come pick up the trunk after they removed it. I’ve rough turned some of the wood, but this is the first piece of the Bradford that I finished. It is about 11″ inches in diameter and about 2.5″ tall. I’m not sure how thin I was able to get the wall, but I did try to turn this bowl a little more thin than others. I really like the orange in the Bradford and I am certainly looking forward to finishing the bowls I roughed out in a couple months after they’ve dried out a little more!


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