Oak Candle Stick & Cherry Cutting Board

I had a lot to say yesterday in response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas – What’s More and Parenting in a World of EvilI’m likely not done reflecting upon that events and the multitude of acts of evil in our country and our world in the recent past. But, I needed to get away from it all last night and decompress…so, I went to the wood shop!

I worked on two different pieces last night – a candle stick and a cutting board.

Several months ago I cut an oak log into several blanks and then stored them away.  I came across one of them a couple days ago and I thought it would be fun to do something different with it. It turned out to be this candlestick holder. The wood was a little punky, but it was a fun project to get my mind off of things. And, my wife liked it enough to add it to the mantle…

This cutting board is turned from Cherry. I actually purchased this wood for a communion set, which I finished over the weekend. I had this piece of Cherry left over from the project. I really liked the grain pattern that was showing and I did not want to cut deep into the wood and risk removing this pattern. Rather than turning it into a large plate/small bowl, I turned it into a cutting board to retain the pattern.

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