Two Bowls

Spent a little time in the shop this morning while the twins were taking their morning nap. I worked with two Alexis of wood which I’ve never before turned. Both of these trunks were cut from trees that fell during Matthew on a parishioners property.


The above shows the piece of Swamp Chestnut Oak when I first placed it on the lathe. It looked fairly white, so I was surprised by the diversity in grain pattern after turning.


Black Cherry is pretty common around here, but I have not had a chance to turn any until today. The above is the piece of Black Cherry prior to turning…

Both of these logs were extremely green! I knew I should have rough turned them and let them dry out before finishing them. I have a good bit of both tree and I was a little to excited to see how they would look after finishing. These will probably get some cracks or warp, but that’ll be okay. Now I know what to expect with the wood.

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