The Gift of Grace, Part Two

slide3The heart is funny, fickle, and often it is fixed in position. The heart is not easily moved. Yet, the grace of God possesses an unimaginable power to not only move the heart, but to recast, reshape, and restore it. Continue reading

The Gift of Grace, Part One

slide3Imiagine discovering the gift that could overwhelm your heart with the most profound sense of joy – this is the gift of grace, which God has prepared for all of us.

Check out the first message in my Advent series, The Gift of Grace.


Words of Grace, Part One

fontcandyWords are powerful influencers. Words can be useful for building others up; or, words can be useful for breaking others down. The real power of words is their ability to express the purity of the heart. For this reason, our words can be useful for revealing the grace of God! Continue reading